The Episcopal Church of the Advent

Palm City, Florida



I personally invite you to join me this year in something I knew I wanted to do the minute I read about it this summer.  I am committing myself to read the Bible in 2013!  That’s right, the entire Bible!  It’s called The Bible Challenge and it organizes the reading in a way that makes it “do-able” for everybody. 

                         Won’t you join me? 

                       -- Father Bo Shires+



Why take The Bible Challenge?

There is a vast difference between attending church and listening to a portion of the Bible being read aloud and actually reading the Bible on your own. Understanding how the entire Word of God coheres and what God is saying to you daily through Holy Scripture is a transformational experience. It also makes worship come more alive. It is like the difference between riding a car as a passenger and not paying close attention to the route being taken versus driving the car and learning the roads that get you to your destination.


What is The Bible Challenge?

Many church members and seekers want to grow  spiritually but don’t know where to begin.  In The Bible Challenge participants have an easy-to-follow, organized way to go directly to the source of the Christian faith and see how the Bible coheres. Reading the Bible on a daily basis will give them strength and comfort as they face major life challenges and allow them to feel truly alive in Christ.  It will also inspire many people to make important decisions and significant changes in their lives.   What is God saying to you? Open the Bible and see.


What does it involve?

About 15-30 minutes each day, whenever you choose, to read designated passages in the Bible.  We want to make this as easy for you as possible, so if you sign up for The Bible Challenge, we will send you an email every day with the designated reading for that day and a meditation about the reading that you may find helpful.


It is natural that many questions will arise so Father Bo will be dedicating every Sunday morning at 9 AM as a discussion time for the prior week’s readings.  Bring your questions, hear some background and share your thoughts with others taking The Challenge.


If you need a Bible, just let us know.  Any Bible (translation that you prefer) can be used.  For this, the New Oxford Annotated Bible is recommended.  It is an excellent translation and has good footnotes that will be helpful.  


What can I expect?

Reading the Bible can transform our lives, our marriages and our families. It will help us to be better parents, spouses, neighbors, Christians, workers and citizens.  It will help keep our head and our heart in the right place and prepare us for eternity with God. I hope that you will accept the Bible challenge as together we seek to lead more fulfilling lives.

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